WAKO tournament activities in 2016

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The beginning of the year was reserved for celebration of kickboxing on 13th Athens Challenge, 06th-07th February 2016.

Athens Challenge Tournament is without any doubt one of the top 5 Kickboxing events across the Wold and the biggest Kickboxing event in Greece. The tournament was in disciplines: Point Fighting, Light Contact , Kick Light, Low Kick and Musical Forms.

Athens Challenge is the First Tournament of the World Kickboxing Series (WKS).

The WKS is a cooperation between The Best WAKO Kickboxing Tournaments during one calendar year(fighters will be ranked according to their results in these tournaments. On all the events they will be able to gather points for personal ranking and at the end of the year the WKS will announce the winner in all the categories).

The WAKO tournaments that are in the WKS:

6/7 February 2016 – Athens Challenge, Athens, Greece (1437 participants, 107 clubs, 13 nations)

3/6 March 2016 – Irish Open, Dublin, Ireland (4080 participants, 298 clubs, 32 nations)

15/17 April 2016 – Austrian Classics, Innsbruck, Austria (2241 competitors, 244 clubs, 31 nations)

29/30 April 2016 – Yokoso Dutch Open, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (788 participants, 90 clubs, 16 nations)

12/15 May 2016 – Hungarian Cup, Budapest, Hungary (2300 competitors, 148 clubs, 33 nations)

3/5 June 2016 – BestFighter, Rimini, Italy (1735 participants, 188 clubs, 25 nations)

8/10 July 2016 – USA WAKO North American Open, at UFC Fun Expo, during International Fight week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

24/25 September 2016 – Flanders, Beveren, Belgium


The WAKO Irish Open International tournament was the second tournament in the row, which became one of the greatest events in the WAKO, concerning the number of participants and number of disciplines.

This year we had a record of 4080 entries, 1396 female, and 2684 male, from 32 participating countries  and 303 participating clubs. There were in total 79 referees.

The competition was in WAKO disciplines: point fighting, light contact, full contact and musical formes.



Austrian Classics in Innsbruck was the third big World cup in the row  that WAKO makes, held from 15th-17th April 2016.

On this year’s tournament,  2241 competitors participated, 244 clubs from 31 countries.
The competition was in point fighting, light contact, kick light, full contact and K1-Rules for younger and older cadets, juniors, seniors, and veterans.


12th -15th May was reserved for the Hungarian WAKO World Cup.

From this year Hungarian World Cup is organized in Budapest, the Capital city. This is based on the request of many National teams since it is much easier to reach Budapest and for the fact that here organizers have the better facilities for a big tournament including all WAKO fighting disciplines ( only without musical formes).

This year World Cup had a huge record of participants: registrations from 33 countries, 1400 competitors registered for the tournament and more than 2300 entries.


Best Fighter World Cup tournament was held in Rimini, Italy, and was the last big WAKO tournament before the Summer break so fighters used this opportunity for the fighting challenge  before they start to attend numerous summer camps all around the world.This tournament is an incredible opportunity that combines SPORT-FRIENDSHIP-CULTURE: SPORTS at the highest level, combined with a high dose of loyalty and fair play,an opportunity to rediscover that kickboxers are  FRIENDS and an opportunity to visit Italy and its CULTURE. Also, thanks to the University of Parma, department of Neuroscience and Professor Stefano Parmigiani, Harold Dadomo and Jessica Altadonna, there was an University project science research about kickboxing going on, so kickboxers were asked to join this project, very important for all of us and our sports movement.

Point fighting, kick light, light contact, full contact, low kick, K1, musical formes- all WAKO disciplines on one tournament. There were fighters from 25 countries and more than 170 clubs, with 1035 participating competitors and 1735 entries.

Wako USA North American Open Kickboxing Championship is from this year Official qualifying championship which will define the American team representing the country for the Pan American Games in October and The World Games next year in July. WAKO is represented on this Mixed martial arts celebration , which entertains over 70 000 fans of all ages.

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Between these World Cups, WAKO has on the schedule many more great international events with thousands of participating athletes, which took part during the first part of the year.

We had in January great European Cup „Golden glove“ (Venice, Italy – 907 participants, 97 clubs, 15 nations), in February European Cup „Karlovac Open“ (Karlovac, Croatia – 1538 participants, 159 clubs, 21 nations) and in April WAKO Poland European Cup (405 participants, 76 clubs, 9 nations).

We had also traditional Bosnia and Herzegovina open (257 competitors, 33 clubs, 5 countries), Croatia Open (550 participants, 78 clubs, 8 nations), Alpe-Adria Open (386 participants, 37 clubs, 4 nations), Slovak Open (829 participants, 68 clubs, 9 nations) , Chech Open Tournament (486 participants, 61 clubs, 11 nations), German Open (983 participants, 117 clubs, 9 nations), Turkish Open (1026 competitors, 14 countries), Balkan open (330 participants, 82 clubs, 12 nations), and  great WAKO North American Open Tournament   which was reserved for 8th-10th July in Las Vegas.

Also, during first part of year WAKO national federation in almost all WAKO country members on all continents organized national championships in all disciplines, and for all age categories, for male and female categories, as well – from children (7,8, and 9 year old), jounger cadets (10, 11, 12), older cadets (13,14,15), juniors (16,17,18), seniors (19-41) and veteran’s category (over 41).

Depends on the national kickboxing federations and the prevalence of kickboxing sport in the country, in some federations organized from 15 to 25 national championships and the championships are the qualifications for the composition of the national team (all age groups, all disciplines) acting on the World and Continental championships later, in the second part of year.

The second part of the year is reserved for WAKO World and Continental Championships which starts to be  qualifying events for The World Games 2017, where WAKO kickboxing will participate in 2017.

The main task in front of WAKO is to encourage the national federations to make The World Games 2017 as the priority action for the next period and to attract the best fighters all around the World to take part in competitions, so to ensure that we have the best fighters on The World Games 2017.