FIAS launches gender equity video campaign

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Adding up to the current efforts to encourage and promote the female participation in SAMBO, FIAS has recently launched a video campaign addressing gender equity in sport.

The video that carries the name “Who Cares About Women in Sport?” showcases examples of four women that have been making a difference in SAMBO around the world, both in and out of the field of play. FIAS Women Commission has helped to conceptualize the video, which aims to promote an equal sport, as well as serve as a reminder that women have been present in SAMBO across different functions for several years, thanks to all the skills and efforts they brought along. In only 24 hours, the campaign has been watched by more than 25’000 people on Facebook.

Aligned to the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 5, FIAS is committed to keep taking forward initiatives and actions to advance gender equality in SAMBO. The chair of FIAS Women Commission, Mrs Monique Athanase, is now in touch with representatives of the International Working Group on Women and Sport to become a signatory of the Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport.