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Kickboxing in Santo Domingo de los Colorados in the Republic of Ecuador

Organizer: WAKO Equador with the support of WAKO PANAM

200 athletes from 4 countries gathered in the city of Santo Domingo de los Colorados in the Republic of Ecuador, for the 2nd Bolivian Kickboxing Championship.
The event was part of the agenda for the 50 Years of Cantonizing the city of Santo Domingo. The competition was held in the synthetic arena of the Arena Sport Sport Complex, on June 16, 17 and 18, 2017.

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Friday 16th was reserved for the weighing of the fighters. On Saturday 17th, 82 fights were on the tatami, in the disciplines: Point Fight, Light Contact, Kick Light and on Sunday there were 28 matches in the Ring Full Contact, Low Kick, K1 – Rules, as well as competition in Musical Forms with Weapons and without Weapons.
The participating countries were Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and the host Ecuador and competitors were in the divisions: Children, Youth and Senior.

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Once the event has ended, there was a positive balance of 0 injuries and the official results of the competition are:
1. Peru (Gold 43, Silver 08, Bronze 01) Total = 52 Medals
2. Ecuador (Gold 28, Silver 24, Bronze 12) Total = 64 Medals
3. Venezuela (Gold 10, Silver 01, Bronze 01) Total = 12 Medals

4. Colombia (Gold 03, Silver 04, Bronze 00) Total = 07 Medals

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During the closing ceremony there were present: the authorities from WAKO Pan Am :Darío Alvarado and Rafael Moreira, President of WAKO PERU Dr. Wilmer Rojas Flores, Secretary General Ruben Lara, President of WAKO RING ECUADOR Efrén González Cabezas, The Mayor of Santo Domingo Of the Tsachilas Mr. Víctor Quirola.